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Features compared to the previous version:

  • Optimized large oval shaped center – now even Green Pins up to 2 t WLL fit with eye
  • Milled radii in multifunctional holes and oval shaped center – optimized load bearing
  • Refined look of surface and inscription – now in brushed anthracite
  • Every CobraGrip system is shipped wth a Cobra 2 – Facelift double pulley!

Through close collaboration with the Linegrip Ltd a truly enchanting fusion of the all-new Cobra 2 and popular Linegrip was achieved.
As for one side, the double pulley is now directly mounted on the pull-element of the Linegrip itself. This is by far the most comfortable and easiest method for soft-pointing. Removing and tensioning could not be more straightforward.
All additional connectors are redundant and have been dispensed altogether. No more tightening of screws, no more rattling of metal and no more worries about damaging webbing.
The CobraGrip Pulley comes in a 5:1 base configuration with a recommended working load (WLL) of 10 kN. By adding one more single pulley (6:1 base) you can increase the theoretical mechanical advantage and WLL to 18:1 and 12 kN respectively.

The CobraGrip sets new standards in terms of comfort and efficiency!

The large oval shaped center
(on the anchor point side) accepts numerous connections such as but not limited to:

- standard shackle eyes up to 16 mm with the eye / 18 mm with the pin

- industry & Van Beest Green Pin shakles eyes up to 2 to Working Load (WLL) and 3,25 to WLL with the pin

- oval and delta quicklinks from 8 to 12 mm

Features four multifunctional holes for connecting the rope brake Tapir, static rope and optionally an additional single pulley to increase the mechanical advantage.
The unique concept of the single pulley allows for quick one-handed attach- and detachment without the need of redundant metal connectors. Thus weight and complexity has been further optimized in favor for a clean and light solution. The overall weight to performance ratio is tremendous.

Using an ultralight 6mm dyneema rope with a protective polyester sheath the need for heavy and bulky static rope is gone. The dyneema material gives the rope a nearly zero stretch which in turn makes tensioning a charm. Meanwhile, we guarantee a high level of safety for all fields of application.

1397 g (3.08 lbs): That's all you need to tension your slackline, no matter how long!

Tapir – the rope brake without compromises

Easy to handle, highest safety standards, unbeatable in weight and efficiency.
In order to create an extremely light, efficient and safe rope brake for smooth slackline rigging no expenses or efforts were spared. With a revolutionary design the total weight of the brake has been reduced to merely 109g!

A more detailed description is available on the product page of the Tapir.

extent of delivery:

1x Cobra 2 double pulley
1x CobraGrip double pulley
1x rope brake Tapir
1x rope in desired length
1x Hydra single pulley
2x 6mm niro shakle
1x 4mm niro shakle
1x Niro Snap Hook
1x prusik adapter incl. prusik cord
1x replacement prusik cord
1x users manual

recommended accessoires:

1-2x centering tube for 12mm Niro shakle
1-2x 12mm Niro shakle

Working Load Limit (WLL) 10 kN (5:1 Base) or 12 kN (6:1 Base)
Minimum Breaking Strength (MBS) 36 kN (~8,093 lbf)
Common Slipping Threshold (CST) 25 kN (~5600 lbf)
Slipping Threshold of rope brake 120% of WLL
Operating temperature -10° to +40° C (15° to 105° F)
Transmission base system 5 : 1 or 6 : 1
Transmission multiplier 3 : 1
Tranmission whole system 15 : 1 or 18 : 1
Weight 1397 g - 2437 g (3.08 lbs - 5.37 lbs)
Recommended for Lowlines, Longlines, Tricklines & Waterlines


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