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Easy to handle, highest safety standards, unbeatable in weight and efficiency.

In order to create an extremely light, efficient and safe rope brake for smooth slackline rigging, we spared no expenses or efforts whatsoever.
With the design reduced to pure function, the total weight of the brake came down to only 109g!

The two rope strands are divided by a movable brake camshaft, reducing friction (=higher efficiency) and heat, as opposed to brakes that function with rope on rope friction.
The smooth shape of the cam enables very safe and controllable releasing of tension. The guide grooves in the cam and in the counterpart ensure a perfect rope pathway under any circumstances.

The Tapir's overload protection grants maximum safety: as soon as the proper working load limit is exceeded by about 20%, the rope will automatically start to slide slowly, until the tension is back to a safe amount.

Another convenient feature is the all-purpose hole at the end of the handle: tying a cord through the hole will create a remote control for the pulley system. Thus, by pulling the cord downwards, even longlines that are rigged high up in the tree can easily be detensioned from the floor.

The rubberized handle makes operating the brake more comfortable and on top of that, it is impossible to lose the Tapir, since opening the shackle is not necessary to insert the rope.

This high-end rope brake is rounded off by a matt black special surface, which is extremely scratch-proof.

The Tapir can either be attached to the exterior multifunctional eyelet of the Cobra 2 (fast and comfortable), or – for maximum use of the throw – externally to a separate spanset.

The Tapir also functions with different pulley systems. Thus, it is possible to step-by-step convert to a Cobra 2.


Use the Tapir only with the supplied rope from our new shop! The function with other ropes cannot be guaranted (Also our old black rope sold with Cobra 1 does not work).

Working Load Limit (WLL) 2 kN (~450 lbf)
Material stainless steel
Weight 109 g (3,84 lbs)


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